Green Beret
Green Beret

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


+1% Move Speed


The Store/Bounty Box

The Green Beret is a type of clothing featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is an iconic military hat, worn by special forces in the military.


Iconic green military head cover worn by special forces.


Berets in the armed forces play an important role since the mid-20th Century. They usually identify special forces soldiers during ceremonial events. The beret has an insignia that identifies the unit to which the soldier belongs and are pushed to the right to free the shoulder that bears the rifle. Green berets are usually worn by members of the U.S. Special Forces, Royal Marines, Australian Commandos among other.

Issued to special forces members.


It can only be equipped by Fighters and the Leader. In addition to altering a survivor's appearance, it also provides a 1% boost to movement speed.

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