Not to be confused with King-o-Pawn or United Arms.
Tlsdz gun store
Gun Store

The Last Stand: Dead Zone

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The Gun Store is a type of location that can be searched in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Looted gun store.


Before the apocalypse, these small stores sold firearms and their accessories, as well as providing repair services for the same. While high-end military firearms are unlikely to be available, any survivor in need of firepower should check out their local gun store.

Possible findsEdit

Level calculationEdit

The level of this building is always equal to the area it is located in.


There are three variants: a small sized map with a safe zone in one corner and four zombie spawns in the other three corners, a larger one with five zombie spawns, as well as more rooms and slightly more containers, and a large one with only three zombie spawns and more open space.

The first variant is divided into two areas — the lobby (starting area, large amounts of wide open space) and the backroom/firing range (smaller and more cramped, contains weapons lockers and a kitchenette). The second variant adds a few smaller rooms and divides the shooting range, kitchen, and lockers into separate rooms, which are all connected to each other via a large hallway. The third variant has two zombie spawns in a hallway and a third in the shooting range.

Splitting the survivors to cover all the zombie spawns should only be done if there is sufficient manpower and firepower. Otherwise, moving together in a group is the best option.

Due to the varying sizes of the rooms in all variants, at least one medium-ranged weapon like an assault rifle, backed up by melee weapons and/or short-ranged weapons like shotguns and SMGs, would be ideal.


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