HERC helmet
The HERC Helmet as seen in the game files.
HERC Helmet

The Last Stand: Union City


Head accessory


3 lbs


Reduces damage taken to the head


Survival Kit only

The HERC Helmet is a type of headgear featured in The Last Stand: Union City. It is only available to the player through purchasing the Survival Kit. It appears to be a military helmet with the camouflaged cloth cover removed.

It is worn by the HERC troopers in Uptown and Union Island.


HERC issue combat helmet.


Helmets are one of the oldest forms of personal protection, and have played a crucial role in human history, guarding the heads of brave soldiers on the battlefield since ancient times. This modern version is designed for firearm-ruled warfare, and features ballistic armor and a mount assembly to attach various accessories such as night vision goggles or visors.

Exclusively issued by HERC to its troopers for field use.


It reduces the amount of damage taken by the player from all attacks that hit the head. Similar to the Riot Helmet and Military Helmet, the HERC Helmet weighs 3 lbs.

How to obtainEdit

  • As default, it is kept in the player's storage footlocker should they purchase the Survival Kit, along with the rest of the premium HERC outfit.
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