Tlsdz herc mine

A HERC mine

The HERC Mine is a type of trap featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Anti-Personnel mine only detectable by Recons. Heavily resistant to explosives and defusal.


Following the return of HERC to the Dead Zone, specialized mines have been found in their bases which of a more advanced design than the homemade traps accustomed to survivors, presumably for warding off assaults from both hostile survivors and infected. Survivors that have succeeded in raiding the HERC facilities on Union Island may have been able to at least appropriate the design for their own use, as said mines have been spotted in survivor compounds.


  • Indoor and outdoor placement
  • Cannot be scavenged from during raids.
  • Can be disarmed.
  • Occupies an area of 1x1 squares partially bordered by walking area.
  • Single-use, can be repaired using the same items required to initially build it.

Upgrade levelsEdit

Upgrade Level Requirements Effect
Level 1 Resources:
15 Metal

Can be built immediately for 8 Fuel
Level 6 Engineering Bench
+20 XP to all survivors when completed.
1 HERC Mine Casing
3 HERC Shape Charges
20 Bolts
1 Electronic Scrap
5 Minutes
Level 50 Engineer
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