HERC Prototype Armor is a special type of passive gear featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


"Development outside of the zone has continued in an attempt to maintain a competitive edge against the infected and zone residents.

"All future attempts by our engineers and labs will now be passed directly to the zone and construction of kits will be done at op zero. HERC components (HC) for this new equipment will be provided in HERC Prototype Parts Boxes. These boxes will not require authorized access and will be in the zone."[1]


A special type of full-body armor that provides more protection than normal armor, as well as providing a large health bonus. These cannot be scavenged and must be crafted using special components instead, which can be found in special boxes while scavenging.

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HERC Prototype Armor. Highly refined protection from most all [sic] forms of damage. Improved survivability.

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