Tlsdz hallowed necklace

Tlsdz replica hallowed necklace
2015 Halloween version

Hallowed Necklace

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


-10% Injury Chance



The Hallowed Necklace is a type of clothing featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. The schematic required to craft it is only available from the Hallowed Object Box awarded for successfully completing the Hallowed Object of Protection limited time Dead Zone Community Task.


"A Hallowed object of protection to help you prepare."


While it does not alter a survivor's appearance, unlike other clothing, it does reduce the chance of sustaining Injuries by 10%.

How to obtainEdit

The Hallowed Necklace can be crafted using 10 Hallowed Teeth, 5 Hallowed Hair Tufts and 5 Hallowed Clothing Scraps at a Level 1+ Gear Bench for 5 Fuel after the aforementioned task was completed. As of December 2017, it is still available in the crafting menu.

A "replica" version is also available from the Replica Bundle of Halloween Past package for the 2015 Halloween event.

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