"More infected, better loot and highly dangerous!"
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High Activity Zones - DZG icon

High Activity Zones, or HAZs, are a feature in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. They were introduced in the "Containment" update on May 24, 2017, along with a few limited time craftable items.[1]


Example of a high activity zone

High activity zones are locations that have been infested with an unusually large number of infected. They begin appearing in Level 20 locations and above, and are highlighted on the map with a red border. High activity zones will raise the location level to five levels above the Leader's level, regardless of the district it is in. More high activity zones are offered as the player levels up; a Level 55 player will see a maximum of three high activity zones on the map. High activity zones rotate every 24 hours.

High activity zones have an increased number of zombies and infected rushes. In addition, they have a higher chance of spawning elite infected. However, players are rewarded with a higher XP gain and an increased chance to find higher quality items.

Players cannot run automated missions in a high activity zone.



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