The Hockey Stick is a blunt weapon featured in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone.



Hockey is a byproduct of both harsh Canadian winters and bored lumberjacks, creating a sport that can be played on frozen lakes. Its fun has not been lost on Americans, however, who have plenty of the sport's long wooden sticks and the passionate fans to use them.

Commonly found in sporting good stores and households.


The reasons behind HERC's choice to distribute schematics to craft a hockey stick remain a mystery even among regular troops, though some claim it was for R&R instead of bashing infected skulls like survivors do with its cousin. To avoid the common frustration of breaking composite sticks, HERC threw several hours of research and millions in budget to find a solution to make a stronger hockey stick - an alloy engineered, among other things, for aerospace applications. This new material and stick design helps survivors in their infected disposal duties and also holds up in high intensity situations like slap shots, one-timers and corner battles too.


  • The Hockey Stick is one of the only weapons given a comical description in TLS:UC. It is described as a "Canadian egg flipper", an obvious joke on the popularity of ice hockey in Canada.


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