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A holster

The Holster is a type of passive gear featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Quick draw holster means you'll have your weapon out earlier, that means more damage.


Concealing and drawing a handgun when there is danger is very important. Hiding a handgun in one's pocket or belt may not be the best option as undesired movement can unload the magazine and cause serious injury. Holsters are devices used to protect a handgun, secure its retention and provide ready access to it. Survivors wishing to both protect and show off their handguns should turn to these, choosing the right one for their needs.


Holsters increase Reload Speed and Damage.

Recycling productsEdit

How to obtainEdit

Available conditionsEdit

Holster real
  • Lucky, which increases Chance to find quality items by 1% and decreases Injury chance by 7.5%
  • Specialized, which increases Damage by 12.5% and (faster) Reload Speed by 16.5%
  • Old, which decreases Damage and Reload Speed by 5%
  • Quality, which increases Damage by 5% and (faster) Reload Speed by 10%

Variants Edit

  • Civilian, which increases Damage by 1% and (faster) Reload Speed by 12.5%
  • Crafted, which increases Damage by 2.5% and (faster) Reload Speed by 10%
  • Military, which increases Damage by 15% and (faster) Reload Speed by 17.5%
  • Police, which increases Damage by 10% and (faster) Reload Speed by 15%


Specialized Bandoliers for pistols. Apart from the high Reload Speed bonus, Damage is increased as well, which is greatly welcome giving the pistols' low damage output and capacity. Subtypes provide increased Health, chance to find quality items or XP for infected kills.

Best given to Medics or Scavengers, as they specialize in pistols.


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