For the hospital in The Last Stand: Union City, see Union City South Hospital.
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The Last Stand: Dead Zone

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Likely finds

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The Hospital is a type of location that can be searched in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


City hospital.


Originally places of healing, the hospitals of Union City were also ground zero for the infection within the city. Pools of blood and failed barricades imply that hospitals became a battlefield with the fight against the undead when they first reanimated. Long since abandoned, leftover supplies for their staff and patients may have survived amidst the once-sterile halls. Survivors in need of medical equipment would be wise to check these buildings.

Possible findsEdit

  • Food and water are commonly found here. Medical-related gear, items, and components can also be found with some regularity.
  • Other types of gear as well as junk can occasionally be found.
  • Weapons and construction resources are rarer, but can still be scavenged.

Level calculationEdit

The level of a hospital is always one level higher than the area it is located in.


Variant A contains 4 zombie spawns, all of which are placed at a good distance from each other. All four should be guarded by separate survivors whilst the scavenger(s) work, but if the player does not have sufficient manpower or firepower, working room by room is the best option.

Variant B contains 9 zombie spawns — one in the main hallway, one in the morgue, one in the office, one in the room in front of the office, one in the room in front of the reception, three in the northernmost room, and one in the room in the east corner. Four or five survivors is recommended as long as they protect the scavenger and move together. The obstacles and the vast array of rooms can be used to create distance between the hordes and the survivors.

Variant C has 6 zombie spawns — one in the cafeteria, one in the room to the left of the cafeteria, one in the south hallway, one in the north hallway, one in the east hallway, and one in the room in front of the exit area. Work room by room with four or five survivors. Shotguns and assault rifles are strongly recommended, although SMGs and melee weapons can be used as an alternative.


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