House Phone
House Phone

The Last Stand: Dead Zone



The House Phone is a junk item in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Basic house phone, good for parts.


A telephone is a communication device used to enable two or more people to talk to each other from a distance. The first telephones were connected to the phone line, and customers were connected with the help of an operator. As telephones grew more advanced, cordless phones were invented and eliminated the need for a cord connecting the receiver with the base. Handsets can be removed from the base for use and will continue to function as long as it is within range of the base. They are powered by an internal battery that is recharged automatically when left in the base. Newer phones are able to maintain a caller list, display caller ID, filter spam calls, or even mute all incoming calls without the hassle of disconnecting the device from the phone line.

Found in most homes and offices and favored by office workers, work-from-home parents, and homebodies.

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