The Ice Axe is a melee weapon featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

Common traitsEdit

  • Low Knockback
  • Attacks Quickly
  • Short Reach
  • Noiseless



A multi-purpose tool used by mountaineers to climb steep cliffs and hack away at icy obstacles, making it easier to traverse the frozen obstacle courses barring their way. Though mountain climbing has fallen out of favor these days, something that can punch through solid ice can penetrate a human skull just as effectively, as the assassination of a certain Russian exile in Mexico attests.

Found in mountaineering stores and the homes of climbing enthusiasts.


The merciless nature of winter has made the unmaintained streets of Union City almost completely impassable. Not only that, HERC operatives that are dropped into the city during said season have to deal with the ever-hungry hordes of infected. This alloy axe is heavier, but is more durable and thus better suited for general mountaineering, ice climbing, mountain rescue and self-defense in the treacherous winter streets of the Dead Zone.

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