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Improvised weapons are a type of weaponry featured throughout The Last Stand series, formally introduced in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Of all the tools that are available to a survivor, it is one's resourcefulness that has proven to be the most indispensable; in this case, the ability to make use of whatever is at hand (however impractical) to defend yourself can mean the difference between life and death. The weapons listed here range from the ingenious to the outright ridiculous, but all are genuinely lethal.


In The Last Stand: Dead Zone, Improvised is a class of weapon that cannot be obtained normally through scavenging. Common, Superior and Elite copies can be crafted through finding the appropriate schematics and having the required materials, while Rare and Unique copies cannot be crafted and can only be obtained through Unusual Improvised Boxes.

In addition to gaining stat bonuses from their respective base weapon skills, Improvised weapons will also gain bonuses from the user's Improvised Combat stat, potentially allowing them to deal far more effective damage compared to non-Improvised weapons of similar base DPS. Fighters have the highest Improvised Combat stat in the game, while Engineers have a slightly lower Improvised Combat stat, but gain Improvised specialization to help offset the difference.


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Engineers specialize in all types of improvised weapons.

Improvised weapons can only be obtained through crafting.