Infamous is an item quality in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is exclusive to certain crafted items. Infamous items cannot be traded.


Crafting reached new levels with equipment known for their notorious, shocking superiority over the common stuff available in the Dead Zone. Since this equipment is way above the standard, expect the materials and Fuel needed to be equally above expectations.

Quality-wise, the Infamous quality fits in between Unique and Rare items, and are only available through crafting. The background color for Infamous equipment is a red colored bounding box with a red-colored constellation design behind the weapon. It also features light red lettering over a darker red banner in the name display.

How to obtainEdit


Crafts Edit


  • Infamous Sword, Warlord
  • Infamous M24, Sandman
  • Infamous Glasses, Deadeye (discontinued version)
  • Infamous Glasses, Deadeye (modified version)
  • Infamous Bandolier, Swiftdraw
  • Infamous Helmet, Rasputin
  • Infamous Combat Vest, Vanguard
  • Infamous Combat Helmet, Joker (not available)
  • Infamous Ballistic Mask, Deathshead
  • Infamous Gloves, Hammerfist
  • Infamous AE-50, Showstopper
  • Infamous War Hammer, Pulverizer
  • Infamous Running Shoes, Fleetfoot
  • Infamous Improvised SMG, Sprayer
  • Infamous Vest, Tank
  • Infamous Ballistic Mask, Terror
  • Infamous Shotgun, Boomstick
  • Infamous Minigun, Abolisher
  • Infamous Battle Axe, Warbringer
  • Infamous Vest, Defiler
  • Infamous Mask, Reaper
  • Survivor equipped with the Sprayer
  • Survivor equipped with the Terror
  • Survivor wearing the Tank Infamous armor
  • Survivor wearing the Deathshead Infamous mask
  • Survivor wearing the Rasputin Infamous helmet
  • Survivor wearing the Reaper mask
  • Survivor with the Warbringer axe
  • Survivor with the Abolisher minigun
  • Survivor wearing the Defiler vest
  • Survivor with the Liferipper mini chainsaw
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