For the item that serves a similar purpose in TLS:UC, see Backpack.

A typical Inventory.

The Inventory refers to the storage space for items in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


All items obtained throughout the game (except for resources, which are stored in the appropriate storage buildings instead) are stored in the inventory. It is represented by a wooden (metal if upgraded) crate filled with weapons and ammo in the bottom left of the compound screen. Hovering the cursor over an item or clicking on it displays further details about the item. Clicking on an item also allows the player access to further options, namely:

  • Dispose, which is represented by a red X and irretrievably destroys the item.
  • Recycle (If the item is recyclable), which is represented by a pair of green curved arrows and converts the item into resources and/or other items.
  • Inspect (supply boxes only), which is represented by a white magnifying glass and allows the player to inspect a supply box's contents and unlock it, should they possess the appropriate key.
  • Unlock (Schematics only), which is represented by a white unlocked padlock and makes the selected schematic available for crafting.


There are 500 slots in the inventory. All Weapons, Passive Gear, supply boxes and Schematics take up one slot per item. For Components, Junk, Medical Items, Hand Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Explosive Charges and Supply Box Keys, identical items are stacked in the same slot, with the quantity stacked shown in the bottom right corner of the slot (if there are more than 1).

Items equipped by survivors still take up slots and are indicated by a red square (offense loadout) or green shield (defense loadout) in the bottom left corner of the slot. Items obtained since the last time the inventory was opened are marked with a star, which goes away after checking the inventory.

Full inventory warning

The warning shown when the inventory is full.

Warnings are displayed if the inventory is approaching its maximum capacity (over 90% full) and if it is full. Once it is full, all new items (barring stackable items, should there be identical items already in the inventory) past that point will be irrecoverably lost until further slots are freed up. If there are only enough slots to store some of the newly obtained items, the rest will be lost.

The inventory does not take up any space in the compound and is available from the beginning of the game. Additional slots can be added by upgrading the inventory. 500 additional slots can be purchased for $10 USD, 1000 for $19.90 USD, and 1500 for $29.90 USD.[1] Before August 24, 2015, the inventory could be upgraded to 1,000 slots for 1,500 Fuel.[2][n 1] Alternatively, the inventory can also be expanded using the "Organizing Your Home" book.

The maximum capacity of the inventory is 2,800, with all inventory upgrades and the "Organizing Your Home" 40% book.

Item arrangementEdit

Items are arranged according to item type, level and name. Players can choose to view specific types of items using the options below:


  1. If the player had purchased the old inventory upgrade prior to the update, they will not lose their additional 500 slots, and will still be able to purchase the remaining 1000 slots if they wish.