Jeb armed with his Ambrose Shotgun.

Jeb White is an NPC who appears in The Last Stand: Union City. He appears as part of "The Mechanic" quest in the Survival Kit premium add-on.

Background[edit | edit source]

Jeb, along with his brother Paul, is the typical post-apocalyptic marauder who preys on other survivors by stealing their supplies or resources. He is armed with an Ambrose Shotgun, which he uses against the player at the conclusion of "The Mechanic". He wears a blue baseball cap, a white tank top, blue jeans, brown shoes, and a medical mask. Not much else is known about his past life.

Fate[edit | edit source]

During the events of the game, Jeb and Paul take a couple, Clarence and Fern Dillinger, hostage in an attempt to steal the couple's minivan. However, since there is no more gas, they trick the player into finding gas for them as a quest.

Jeb and Paul attacking the player.

Jeb dies when the player kills him and his brother, after they attack the player upon completing the aforementioned quest.

Jeb after being killed by the player.

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