The King-o-Pawn logo

"The King has what you need, friend. Understand that the King can only accept CASH. In these uncertain times, friend, money is... uhhh... King. No trade-ins, no loans, no credit. It's all cash cash cash baby. See something you like, go ahead and pick it out."
— King, the (probably mentally unstable) owner

King, standing behind the counter.

King-o-Pawn is a store franchise featured in The Last Stand: Union City. It is owned and run by a man called King.

Description[edit | edit source]

King-o-Pawn allows players to buy ammo, weapons, and medical supplies using cash, which can be found all over Union City. The stock never changes or runs out in any given store, so the player is always guaranteed a source of ammo and health items. Item prices are affected by the Smarts skill.

Locations and Stock[edit | edit source]

Canal Park[edit | edit source]

Canal Park King-o-Pawn's inventory

Item Cost at 35 Smarts Cost at 85 Smarts
Scoped M16A2 $537 $369
Spec Ops Uzi $672 $462
Mace $448 $308
Scoped Death Adder .45 $336 $231
Sharpened Hatchet $314 $216
Medkit $68 $42
50 5.56 mm $59 $40
50 .45 Cal $45 $31
30 Arrows $27 $19

Uptown[edit | edit source]

Uptown King-o-Pawn's inventory

Item Cost at 35 Smarts Cost at 65 Smarts
Spec Ops MP5 $672 $528
M24 $630 $495
Katana $1050 $825
Medkit $61 $50
30 Arrows $25 $20
50 5.56 mm $53 $43
50 7.62 mm $84 $66
100 9mm $76 $60
Visored Riot Helmet $336 $264

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The "A" in "Pawn" has either fallen off or the light bulb has burned out. Interestingly, this applies to both stores. There's a faint outline on where the "A" used to be. This is presumably a play on the popular slang "PWN," which is a verb to describe a devastating attack or action.
  • Zombies will not spawn inside the store (outside of a bug), though there are no beds or storage footlockers unlike a safehouse.
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