Class Info
Weapon Specialization All [n 1]
Bonuses Variable
Penalties Variable
Special Ability Can Heal Self/Others

The Leader is the player's character in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, introduced in Info File #6. The Leader is completely customizable, allowing the player to choose their skills and appearance. They can gain skills with XP and are specialized with all types of weapons.


Before the outbreak, these men and women looked like regular people, with nothing to indicate their importance in the times to come. When Union City was declared a Dead Zone, they showed their true colors. Possessing all the skills necessary to survive in the Dead Zone, they attracted survivors to the compounds they had founded, who looked to them for leadership in these trying times.

Now, each of them leads a group of survivors, and their decisions will determine their group's fate.


Incredibly versatile, Leaders can perform the tasks of any other class and are the only class besides the Medic that can heal survivors, making them invaluable during missions. Their precise capabilities depends on the player's choices during level ups.

If the player chooses to branch out, the Leader will not be as skilled as the specialized classes. If they choose to specialize instead, the Leader will not be as capable at the other roles. Either way, they are best used to fill in for any unavailable specialists.

They work well with any class and vice versa, due to their versatility.

Recommended equipmentEdit


The Leader is not specialized with any type of weapon in particular, so virtually any firearm would be best since the leader is not proficient in melee combat.


Virtually any gear will be helpful to a Leader, depending on what skills the player wishes for the Leader to specialize in.


The Leader gains 1 skill point per level up, which can be assigned freely to one of the following skill groups:

  • Fighting: Influences Ranged and Melee Combat
  • Scavenging: Influences Scavenging Speed
  • Engineering: Influences Improvised Combat and Trap Disarming
  • Medic: Influences Healing Speed
  • Recon: Influences Movement Speed and Trap Spotting

As of February 26, 2014, Leaders can be retrained for free for the first time, but will cost fuel and have a 7-day cooldown afterwards.[1] All skill points earned up to that point will be made available again and can be freely reassigned.


  • They always gain XP from missions, even if they are not part of the team carrying it out.


  1. This appears to be the case, with this image (Fighter with Ranged Combat 9 and Lawson .22 Pistol producing 4.2 DPS), and this image (Leader with Ranged Combat 7 and Lawson .22 Pistol producing 4.8 DPS)


  1. Dead Zone Roadmap - February 2014 (Published 17 February 2014). Con Artist Games. Retrieved 24 August 2015.


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