"Oh sir/ma'am, you have to help me.
It's my brother, Terry. He went off his meds a few weeks ago and disappeared. Then this whole thing happened and now I don't have a hope of finding him on my own.
I think he's probably gone to his cabin out in the Nature Reserve.
If I give you the directions do you think you could look for him?"
— Lisa
Lisa Granger

Lisa Granger in the Whistler's Forest safehouse.

Lisa Granger is an NPC in The Last Stand: Union City. She is found in 10 Main Street, a safehouse in Whistler's Forest. She gives the player the Into The Wilds quest, where the player must find her brother, Terry Granger, in the forest reserve.


  • Her appearance is somewhat similar to that of Zoey, a playable character in the Left 4 Dead series.
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