A locked container in the military base at Waterside being lock-picked. Note how the lock is not specified as "Very Hard," despite being a high-level pick. This is due to a maxed-out Security skill.

Lockpicking is a minigame featured in The Last Stand: Union City.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Attempting to access a locked container will initiate the minigame. There are 1 to 3 pins that must be locked into place to unlock the container. There is also an option to force the lock, which automatically unlocks the container if it succeeds. If it fails, however, the lock is broken and the container cannot be opened for the rest of the game.

Hold down and then release the W key to push the current pin up; the longer it is held, the higher the pin will go. Once it reaches the "sweet spot", you should hear a click and see the pin shake slightly. Press the D key at the correct time to lock the pin in place and move onto the next pin. If you fail to lock in a pin after the first, the pin will be reset and you will be taken back to the previous pin.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Instructions for the minigame.

  • Locks come in varying difficulties, ranging from "Very Easy" to "Very Hard".
  • A certain Security skill level may be required before the minigame can be attempted, depending on the lock.
  • The game will pause when the player enters the minigame, preventing outside interruptions such as zombie attacks.
  • The directional keys can also be used, with ↑ and → acting as "W" and "D", respectively.
  • If a key exists for a particular lock, the player can only attempt to pick that lock if they have not already picked up the key for that lock. When doing so, the option to force the lock will not be available.
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