Mcwnormal sdw

The normal backpack max carry weight.

Mcwsurvivalkit sdw

The Military backpack max carry weight.

The Max Carry Weight is a character statistic in The Last Stand: Union City.

It determines how much weight can be carried in the player's backpack and is equal to the Strength stat multiplied by 10. Since Strength is capped at 20, the maximum is 200 lbs. The Military Backpack from the premium Survival Kit multiplies Strength by 20 instead, thus doubling the maximum to 400 lbs.


  • There is a glitched item called Undefined which, when acquired, appears in every category in the inventory and causes the total carry weight to read NaN. This either allows the player to carry an unlimited number of items, or resemble an item with infinite weight, preventing the player from moving until it is trashed. Undefined is only a lucky find, and is very rare.