For the occupation in The Last Stand: Union City, see Paramedic (Occupation).
Class Info
Weapon Specialization Pistols
Submachine Guns
Bonuses Above Average Movement Speed
Fastest Healing Speed
Penalties Lowest Combat Skills
Lowest Health
Special Ability Can Heal Self/Others

The Medic is a class available for survivors in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, introduced in Info File #5.


Injuries are bound to happen when out in the Dead Zone. Training a medic to deal with wounds in combat is essential to your survival.


Whenever there is danger, which the Dead Zone has plenty of, there is a need for someone who is skilled at healing the wounds of others. While the city's hospitals have long since been overrun, some of their staff had managed to escape the zombies' clutches.

Healing in the field is a tricky business, but these experienced life-savers can patch up wounds with ease. They are also reasonably quick on their feet, allowing them to reach patients before any enemies do. If they must fight, they prefer to use handy, compact weapons that won't impede them as they do their job.

Their pre-apocalyptic oath to do no harm has made their combat skills rather poor due to lack of practice, and both they and their patient must remain still during treatment. Thus they require the protection of the rest of their group, who will in turn need the medic's healing skills.


Medics are the only class besides the leader that can heal survivors, making them invaluable during missions. They are also decently fast, allowing them to reach their patients quickly. They should focus on healing any injured survivors, and provide what fire support they can as preventative medicine.

They have the lowest health and combat skill of any class, meaning they may have trouble defending themselves from the zombies. However, there is safety in numbers, and grouping them with other survivors will also allow them to reach any wounded survivors more quickly.

Healing immobilizes both the medic and their patient and interrupts whatever else they were doing, unless it's attacking or scavenging (The patient may attack and continue searching, but cannot do anything else), and the medic cannot do anything but heal, unless ordered to stop. This makes both vulnerable to zombie attack, and other survivors should be positioned to protect them until it is finished.

They work well with any class, especially fighters and engineers, who can provide protection whilst the Medic patches up any damage they sustain.

Recommended EquipmentEdit


  • Pistols are decently accurate which, when combined with the specialization bonus to accuracy and damage, counteracts the medic's poor combat skills.
  • SMGs have more firepower than pistols, and their low accuracy is somewhat compensated for by the specialization bonus to accuracy and damage.
  • The high base accuracy of long rifles compensates for the medic's low combat skills and lack of specialization. Their excellent range will also help to keep the medic out of harm's way.


  • First Aid Kits and Medical Kits allow them to heal damage even more quickly, reducing the amount of time the Medic and their patient are rendered immobile.
  • Weapon Cleaning Kits counteract their low accuracy with any weapon, making them more effective in combat.
  • Vests compensate for their very low health, reducing the risk of incapacitation.


  • They carry a small bag containing medical supplies and have some medical equipment strapped around their right wrist, explaining how they can heal without the First Aid Kit or Medical Kit gear.
  • The medic was likely either a doctor, nurse or paramedic. The latter is likelier, as the medic is a bit faster than the average survivor and is practiced at healing people in the field.
  • Having an adequately leveled medic is necessary for crafting advanced medical items and treating severe injuries.
  • If a medic (or leader) is attacked when they're healing themselves or another survivor, they will stop healing and cover their heads, as if they are being suppressed. After a certain amount of time after the attacks cease, the survivor being healed regains full health, barring any injuries.


  • Info File #5
  • A female Medic
  • A male medic
  • A medic healing a fellow survivor during a mission
  • The description of the Medic in the Training Center and Class Selection screen
  • Mug shots of a Medic
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