Metal Metal is a type of resource featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Hard and strong building material.

Usage of MetalEdit

Metal is utilized in the construction and upgrading of most compound structures. It is also needed in crafting certain weapons and all types of ammunition and for completing some of Ivan's tasks. Its associated storage building is Metal Storage.

It can be found throughout the Dead Zone, though the amount scavenged depends on the location being searched, with large hardware stores and construction sites typically providing the largest amount.

The Metal Drop Off produces a small amount of metal every hour and some types of junk, components and melee weapons provide metal when recycled. In addition, fuel can be traded for metal at The Store and some of the removable junk piles scattered across the compound provide this resource when cleared.

Several achievements are associated with scavenging Metal, namely Can Man, Metallic and Heavy Metal.


Metal is easily the most abundant of the three construction resources. It is usually found directly in greater amounts than wood or cloth. Furthermore, many common junk items and components produce metal when recycled, which can easily be found in small offices, offices, large offices and security buildings.

Large hardware stores are the best place to find metal, as well as all other construction resources. Failing this, construction sites, warehouses, and regular hardware stores are good places to find metal.

Buildings requiring MetalEdit








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