The Last Stand: Dead Zone



The Microphone is a component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Small microphone separated from its housing.


Microphones are artificial ears that convert sound waves into electrical signals, which can then be processed by a computer or amplifier. Microphones generally need to be of good quality; a poor quality microphone will fail to capture sound clearly and will cause all other equipment connected to it to also produce or record low quality sound.[1] The two most common types of microphones are "Dynamic" and "Condenser" microphones. Dynamic microphones are essentially a "speaker in reverse." Sound waves vibrate a coil of wire surrounded by a small magnetic field. The vibrations of the coil in the field produces electrical signals, which are then brought to a computer. Dynamic microphones do not require batteries or an external power supply, as they power themselves in their design.[2] Condenser microphones use two thin metal plates, which serve as a capacitor. Sound waves vibrate the plates, which is picked up by electrical wires and produce electrical signals.[1] Condenser microphones are smaller and produce higher quality signals, making them favorable for communication and recording. Dynamic microphones are primarily used for entertainment and on-stage performances, where they are handheld, while condenser microphones are used in phones, recording devices, and radios.

Sold in many electronic equipment stores and can be removed from phones and phone accessories.

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