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Two soldiers guard the Stadium gate.

The Military is a government organization featured in The Last Stand series.

The Last Stand[edit | edit source]

The military helicopter that rescues Jack. (TLS)

Zombified soldiers wearing body armor appear during the later days, the first of which carries a M4A1 assault rifle that can be scavenged after it is killed.

In addition, a military helicopter crewed by living soldiers arrives at the end of the 20th night to pick up Jack and his group of survivors.

The Last Stand 2[edit | edit source]

A zombie soldier. (TLS2)

The military helicopter crashes around a month before the start of the game, and Jack does not encounter any further living members for the rest of his journey. However, he does encounter zombified soldiers, growing greater in numbers the closer he gets to Union City. There is also an abandoned military base called Fort Tran, where powerful military-exclusive weaponry can be found.

The Last Stand: Union City[edit | edit source]

Soldiers guard the Stadium gate. (TLS:UC)

They had some presence in Union City before the outbreak occurred, and many more were sent in afterwards. They work alongside HERC, guarding important locations like the Stadium, and erecting defenses such as the chain-link fence in Pinedale and the barricaded checkpoint in Uptown (near Boothtique). Unlike HERC, they are a fairly neutral organization and don't get too involved with the player. Barry says that he trusts the Army but not HERC, suggesting that the former is a more benign force.

Two zombie soldiers running.

Living soldiers are seen carrying the M4A1M16A2, and M9 Pistol. They wear light green camouflage fatigues, kevlar vests, helmets and gas masks. Zombified soldiers still wear the uniform (minus the gas masks) and armor of their living counterparts, but do not bear their firearms.

There is an overrun military base at Waterside, which plays a key role in the storyline.

The Last Stand: Dead Zone[edit | edit source]

A zombie soldier.

While they had pulled out of the Dead Zone before the events of the game, much of their equipment remains. Most of the higher level weapons were military-issue, and their gear is some of the best around. Humvees can also be seen scattered throughout the streets.

As in the previous games, zombified soldiers are present, and begin appearing in Level 16+ hordes.

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