Not to be confused with the Military Base in TLS:DZ.

The entrance to the Waterside Military Base.

The Waterside Military Base is a military base located in Waterside, a section of Union City, in The Last Stand: Union City.

The base plays a crucial role in storyline, where the player must scavenge the required items for the "Explosive Componentsquest.

It is recommended to go there with high searching stats to maximize your chance of getting a rare weapon, since there are several military crates scattered inside the base.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The base was likely overrun when most of the soldiers garrisoned there were moved to the Stadium, leaving only a few members to defend the base.
  • The base has the only searchable Humvee in the game.
  • There is a glitch where the game doesn't pause when the gun cage is open, leaving the player vulnerable to zombie attacks and the cursor might not show.
  • Interestingly, the gun cage doesn't contain any weapons or ammo except for a Scoped M24 and 3 C4 blocks, presumably because most of the weapons and ammo were taken by the soldiers before the zombies overran the base. There is also a SCAR-H (with some 5.56mm ammo) and FAL Battle Rifle in the footlockers next to it, plus an Army DCU Jacket and Army DCU Pants. Two Military Helmets and Army Kevlar Vests are located on the shelves to the right, with a C4 Blasting Cap in the footlocker by the wall.
  • There is always a dead zombie in front of the middle building. They can be either a shambling, fat, or crawler zombie.

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