Real Life Name

M134 Minigun

Damage Lvl


Fire Mode


Ammo Cost




Aim Time

0.1 seconds

Attacks Per Second



20 - 30
170.4 DPS







Reload Speed

4 seconds

Magazine Size


Move Penalty


The Minigun is a heavy weapon in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It was revealed during a discussion on a topic at the retired Get Satisfaction forums.[1]


Based upon the forerunner of the machine gun, the (in)famous Gatling gun, this lighter and electrically-driven variant can provide extreme volumes of fire without overheating, making it the weapon of choice for fast moving vehicles and very strong and/or desperate individuals on foot.

A powerful weapon used exclusively by the military.

How to obtainEdit

Recycling productsEdit


Boasting the highest rate of fire and the largest magazine of any weapon in the game, the Minigun is the best weapon at suppression, making one invaluable in either defending/raiding a compound or engaging HERC troopers in the Raid on Union Island. It is also highly effective against the infected thanks to the sheer amount of lead it can put out, though each individual shot deals very little damage. While its knockback per bullet is relatively low, its sheer rate of fire makes it surprisingly effective at knocking back targets.[n 1]

These benefits come at the cost of a truly exorbitant ammo cost, with a single Minigun draining more than two-thirds of the ammo stocks of a fully upgraded compound. Accuracy is an issue as well, though this is partially mitigated by the fact that fighters have naturally high ranged combat skill. Its high move speed penalty and slow reload time makes its wielder a sitting duck, and its high noise generation ensures that any infected will be drawn towards them once they start firing. Support from other survivors is highly recommended.

Miniguns serve as formidable enemies when used by HERC troopers on the Raid on Union Island, or via compound defense during a normal compound raid. Its high rate of suppression is unrivaled, but the effects greatly diminish when the wielder is faced with its incredibly long reload time, leaving them vulnerable to attack in the meantime. They may also be countered by rifles that exceed the minigun's effective range, reducing the rate of suppression.

Miniguns are perhaps best used for compound defense, as the high ammo cost is negated then.

Recommended gearEdit

  • Weapon Cleaning Tools to improve accuracy, the biggest hindrance to its DPS.
  • Extended Mags to increase its massive magazine even more.
  • Bandoliers to shorten reload time.
  • Glasses to extend range even further, with some variations improving accuracy.
  • Shoes to negate move penalty by a bit.
  • Commando/Combat Gear to improve its effectiveness even more with higher ranged combat, increased damage and faster reload speed.
  • Armors/Vests with a Swifthand Kit to improve Suppression for raiding, knockback for fighting infected, and protection as well.
  • Armors/Vests with a Transporter Kit/Lightening Kit to improve mobility without sacrificing protection. Transporter also improves carry limits.


  • Long Effective Range
  • Extremely High RoF[n 2] (fastest of all weapons)[n 3]
  • Massive Magazine (largest of all weapons)
  • Extreme Suppression Power


  • Extremely High Ammo Cost (highest of all weapons)
  • Very Loud (loudest of all weapons)
  • Poor Knockback
  • Inaccurate
  • Reloads Slowly
  • Very High Move Penalty
  • Can only be equipped by the Leader or a Fighter


  1. Assuming 100% accuracy, 8 every 100 shots, or 1 every 12.5 shots, at 19.8 APS = knockback every 0.63131 seconds on average. Compare to Warhammer at 1.6667 seconds = 60 times every 100 attacks, or 6 every 10 attacks at 1 APS, and Pulverizer at 1.25 seconds = 80 times every 100 attacks, or 8 every 10 attacks at 1 APS.
  2. Rate of Fire
  3. Uniques with +45% APS can reach up to 35.71 APS



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