Minimum Effective Range is a weapon statistic in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Minimum effective range circles

A survivor positioned in a watchtower. The circle with the red dashes indicates the survivor's minimum effective range.

The minimum effective range is a statistic that is applied to some weapons that determines the minimum amount of distance needed for the weapon to be reasonably accurate. It is depicted during a mission by a smaller circle consisting of red dashes within the white circle denoting Effective Range. The accuracy of the weapon is reduced by 50% when attempting to attack a target within the red circle.[1] Unlike the white circle, survivors will still automatically attack targets within this red circle.

The minimum effective range is calculated after gears and other mods. Its effects are also exacerbated, along with Effective Range, if the wielder enters a Watchtower.

Minimum effective range does not apply to melee weapons.


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