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===Dead Zone Task===
===Dead Zone Task===
*[[Hallowed Shrine]]
*[[Z-Mas Hunt Mount]]
{{DZ Buildings}}
{{DZ Buildings}}

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Some of the miscellaneous items available.

Miscellaneous Buildings are a type of building that can be purchased using Fuel in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. While most of them serve as mere decorations, buildings required for Dead Zone Tasks are usually located here. Currently, they are purely cosmetic, though some can serve as impromptu barriers and provide cover for survivors.

Available buildingsEdit



  • Cannot be scavenged from during raids.
  • Occupies area of 1x1 squares bordered by walking area.
  • Does not provide Cover.


  • Supporter Flag: Show your support for Con Artist Games, you'll have a sweet flag! (5,000 Fuel)
  • Skull Flag: Let your enemies know thar' be bandits here, yar! (150 Fuel)
  • National Flags (150 Fuel)
    • American Flag: National flag of the United States of America.
    • British Flag: National flag of the United Kingdom.
    • German Flag: National flag of Germany.
    • French Flag: National flag of France.
    • Brazilian Flag: National flag of Brazil.
    • Canadian Flag: National flag of Canada.
    • Russian Flag: National flag of Russia.
    • Australian Flag: National flag of Australia.
    • Danish Flag: National flag of Denmark.
    • Norwegian Flag: National flag of Norway.
    • Mexican Flag: National flag of Mexico.
    • Filipino Flag: National flag of the Philippines.
    • Italian Flag: National flag of Italy.
    • Spanish Flag: National flag of Spain.


  • National flag of Canada
  • National flag of the Philippines
  • National flag of the United Kingdom

Tire StacksEdit


  • Cannot be raided
  • Occupies area of 1x1 squares bordered by walking area
  • Provides Cover Low Cover (by default)


  • Tire Stack - Red: Mark out your territory. Give your compound that junkyard look. Decorate with red tires today! (25 Fuel)
  • Tire Stack: Mark out your territory. Give your compound that junkyard look. Decorate with tires today! (25 Fuel)


  • Dead End Sign: Give off a warning to raiders and infected alike with the Dead End signpost, complete with severed head. (100 Fuel)
  • Do Not Enter Sign: A polite, sign based request to not enter the confines of your compound. (50 Fuel)
  • Fire Barrel: Regulation 44 Gallon Drum Fire. Contains no real fire. (25 Fuel)

Limited EditionEdit

4th of July (American Independence Day)Edit

American flag

4th Of July Flag

  • 4th of July Tire Stack: Show off your red white and blue with these painted tires. [Only on sale until July 8th]. (50 Fuel)
  • 4th of July Flag: Celebrate the birth of a nation with this refurbished flag of the United States! [Only on sale until July 8th]. (250 Fuel)
  • 4th of July Statue: An apocalyptic approximation of Lady Liberty herself. [Only on sale until July 8th]. (500 Fuel)


Tlsdz pile o lanterns


Tlsdz pile o lanterns night

The Pile'o'Lanterns at night

  • Pile'o'Lanterns: A pile of traditional produce based lanterns. With glow in the dark action! (50 Fuel)
  • Scary Skull Stack: Pile of skulls collected from your enemies or just a very odd lost and found? (50 Fuel)
  • Pre-Filled Coffin: I'd nail this shut as soon as you get the chance. (250 Fuel)
  • The Hanging Tree: Rare gnarled plant of nightmares. We're pretty sure he's dead. (600 Fuel)

Z-Mas (Christmas)Edit

Dead Zone TaskEdit

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