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The Monument is a location in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is part of the Raid on Union Island.


The Union Island Monument is a large obelisk serving as the centerpiece of Union Island, and is one of the city's most well-known landmarks. Garrisoned by HERC during the outbreak, they have retaken it upon their return to the Dead Zone and have built a portion of their new base around it, with the monument itself occasionally serving as a sniper platform.

Possible findsEdit

Level calculationEdit

The area will always be Level 53.



Variant AEdit

Survivors spawn on the northernmost point of the map, between the HERC tents. There are 8 zombie spawn points and plenty of space to cover. Keep survivors together and avoid carelessly moving through the map, as HERC Mines spawn on the open spaces. The exit zone is located to the west.

Variant BEdit

Survivors will spawn next to the monument, near the fountain. There are 11 zombie spawn points, 5 of which are located on the sides of the tents. There are two Large Barricades near the fountain/camp ground and one in front of the HERC gate that blocks the exit zone; all the aforementioned obstacles can be destroyed by both zombies and survivors.

HERC Mines may reside in the middle of the map, near the tents, or near the cisterns.

Variant CEdit

Survivors spawn right next to the Exit Zone, with a wire door separating them from the ever-lasting infected hordes. There are 6 zombie spawn points. Survivors must traverse through the overrun camp in order to reach the exit. Using the areas near or on the edges the monument can be used as choke points to control the flow of infected and take them off easily.

Green metal doors must be destroyed to reach the exit in the living quarters area and to gain access to the armory. Mines may appear on the roads or the dining room and/or storage area.


Variant AEdit

In variant A, there are usually two HERC troopers and one heavy trooper behind the planters near the fountain, which should be dealt with first. The beacon on the leftmost corner of the map will have one HERC trooper, while one or two more may be located in the concrete barrier to the right. The second beacon, located near the starting point, is guarded by two HERC troopers hiding behind the concrete barriers near the humvee. The rightmost corner of the map contains the third beacon, along with a trooper or a heavy trooper and a few HERC Mines. The route to the exit zone is littered with mines, and snipers may appear in the watchtowers and platforms by the monument.

Variant BEdit

Variant B contains two routes towards the exit zone. Three HERC troopers will be hiding behind the planters (one on the right, one near the middle, and one on the left) near the player's starting point. After the three are dealt with, the player can either enter the base's entrance, guarded by two watchtowers, or "hug" the monument and head directly for the exit.

If players choose to enter the base, they should be wary of the two watchtowers, one of which will usually have at least one sniper present. Three troopers will be inside the base itself — two by the humvee, and one by the beacon.

If players choose to detour around the base and head straight for the exit, they should keep in mind that this route contains both mines and troopers. One HERC trooper guards the beacon next to the monument. Two or three mines lurk on the path leading to the exit zone. The sniper in the watchtower may still be a nuisance even on this route, so caution is advised.

Three HERC troopers guard the exit zone itself, with two sheltered behind the barricades and a third guarding the beacon itself.

Variant CEdit

Survivors will spawn on the south corner of the map, outside the subway tunnel. Troopers may appear either atop the subway train and the flatcar or behind the pallets located on the subway's platform. Heading to the west there will be four troopers, two behind the sandbag walls (which cannot be destroyed) and two more near them. On the west corner, there is either a HERC minigunner or two HERC snipers. Before reaching them, a HERC Gate must be destroyed.

In the open area in front of the Monument, there are, at least, two troopers behind the flower boxes and pallets scattered in the area while another is close to the stairs outside the station. One or two HERC snipers may be behind metal walls at the base of the monument, on each corner, or on the platform.

Near the radio tower, close to the second HERC gate, three or two troopers may be present. Another HERC Gate encloses either a HERC Heavy or sniper. One or two troppers may be behind the concrete barriers near the tree close to the Exit Zone.

HERC Mines are rare but may be present on the open area close to the monument or on the road that leads to the second HERC Gate.





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