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==Obtained from==
==Obtained from==
*Can be [[Crafting|crafted]] using:
*Can be [[Crafting|crafted]] at a Level 4 [[Engineering Bench]] using:
**1 [[Car Battery]]
**1 [[Car Battery]]
**2 [[Small Motor]]s
**2 [[Small Motor]]s

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Motor Assembly
Motor Assembly

The Last Stand: Dead Zone



The Motor Assembly is a component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


A small electric motor assembly.


Motors are the workhorses of the modern world. Motors, or engines, convert fuel into mechanical energy, often with thermal and sound energy being released as a by-product. Electric motors are widely used in the modern age due to their reliability, small size, and their effectiveness. These traits make them popular amongst engineers in the zombie apocalypse, giving rise to weird but effective torture devices to send the undead back into their graves.

Can be made at home with the right knowledge.

Used for

Recycling products

Obtained from

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