The neighborhood is the primary form of player interaction with other players in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


A player's neighborhood consists of other players' compounds automatically selected from those that are active and similarly leveled. Players that are idle for long periods of time are automatically removed from the neighborhood, while players on the Friend list will always be present in the neighborhood.

Player compounds were previously displayed on the city map by the player's portrait, and could be visited or raided by selecting them; their position on the city map was purely cosmetic. In December 2016, player compounds on the map have been replaced with AI-controlled Raider Compounds, although player compounds still appear on the compound list, described below.

Compound ListEdit

The full list of compounds in the player's neighborhood can be found on the Compound List in the bottom right of the city map screen. It can be sorted by online state, level, relationship and number of battles, and players are able to search for the compound they are looking for.


Each compound can have contrasting labels for each other, depending on who instigates more raids and who initiates more help.

Players that have helped the compound will appear as 'Friendly'. Players that have raided the compound more often than they helped will appear as 'Enemy'. Otherwise, they will be Neutral.


Players can visit other compounds by clicking on the 'View' or 'Help' buttons (the latter only appears when the other player is on the Friend list and is functionally identical to 'View'). The layout of the visited compound will then be shown (except for Traps, Rally Flags and the flags marking barricades with survivors assigned to them), though only structures being built or upgraded can be selected. Players can choose to help out with those structures, reducing the building/upgrading time. The amount of time reduced is determined by the structure's type and the total time taken for building/upgrading. No loss of any type of resources will be incurred to either player in the process. Should the player select a building that is destroyed, either in a raid or zombie horde, they will not be able to help out, and the timer will not appear.

The visited player will receive a notification for every structure sped up in this manner. They can then choose to repay the favor using the same process described above.


A compound raid can be started by clicking the 'Attack' button. Should the 'Attack' button be grayed out, hovering the cursor over it will give the reason why. For further details, please refer to 'Raiding'.

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