Ooooh Shiny!.png
Ooooh Shiny!

The Last Stand: Dead Zone




-41% to -80% Survivor Vision Range
Increases chance of finding Quality items by:
- Timed: 1% to 10%
- Permanent: 1% to 4%


15 Minutes, 30 Minutes or Permanent

Slot lockout


Ooooh Shiny! is a Mission book featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

Description[edit | edit source]

"You have one goal. GO. FOR. THE. LOOT."

Background[edit | edit source]

When survivors are out scavenging, they're out scavenging. They should never be distracted by anything else. Ignore your fellow companions' cries for help. Ignore the tempting maze of corridors to explore. Ignore the walking figure covered in blood that is sauntering towards you. These are not important. Your one goal when scavenging: "GO. FOR. THE. LOOT."

The authors of this book are not responsible for any injuries caused by ignorance of enemies and obstacles around you. Not recommended for kleptomaniacs.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Effect[edit | edit source]

When equipped, the book increases the probability of finding quality items while scavenging by a specified percentage, while simultaneously penalizing the survivor's vision range by a specified percentage, making it harder for them to spot enemies.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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