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Not to be confused with Pain Killers.
Pain pills.png
Pain Pills

15% Health


0.5 lbs

Pain Pills are a type of medical item featured in The Last Stand: Union City.


These will take the edge off.


Pain is a basic human sense that alerts the brain to damage or problems within the body. Pain can be beneficial, as it tells the body to stop and tend to the problem area, or to seek medical treatment if needed. However, if pain becomes too great, or if it becomes an obstacle in life, analgesics, or painkillers, can be used to nullify or eliminate the sensation of pain. How painkillers work exactly are unknown, though they appear to work within the central nervous system. Some painkillers can be purchased over-the-counter, while most require a doctor's prescription to legally obtain.

Always read and follow the label; liver and kidney damage may occur if abused. Call poison control immediately if overdose is suspected.

How to obtain[]

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They heal more than Bandages but less than Medkits. They appear as small cylindrical orange containers with white lids, and can be found in clinics, hospitals, and various residences throughout Union City, or from killed backpack zombies.

Their appearance is identical to that of No Zzz when dropped by zombies.