The Paratrooper's FAL is a Z-Mas-exclusive long rifle featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, introduced during the 2017 Operation Whiteout update.

Common traitsEdit

  • High Damage
  • Short Range
  • Fully Automatic


Because of the nature of their role, HERC paratroopers are constrained in what they carry by weight. They also are in the field in combat situations for extended periods, so they have to carry on their backs everything they need to live and fight for several days. Their equipment has to be portable, lightweight, and durable. A special version of the FAL with a folding stock, 30-round magazine, and a shorter barrel was fashioned by HERC engineers to meet all of these needs, while simultaneously retaining the devastating power of its older sibling's semi-automatic fire, usable even in tight situations.


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