Phillip Best

Dr. Best tinkering at his desk.

Phillip Best is an NPC in The Last Stand: Union City. He is found in the Whistler's Forest safehouse alongside Lisa Granger, and gives the player the Blood Samples quest.

He asks the player to find him blood samples from infected corpses scattered in the forest to find out what caused the outbreak. After the samples are collected and handed over, he states that it will take several weeks to get an answer. He gives the player the key to the locked room in the Medical Clinic in Uptown as a reward for finding the blood samples.


  • He is a former HERC hematologist who defected when he saw the atrocious experiments HERC was performing on both people and zombies alike and wanted no part of such cruelty.

    Phillip condemns the atrocities carried out by HERC.

  • He is the only HERC doctor who can be spoken with, other than Dr. Smith, in The Last Stand: Union City. He is also the least hostile of all the interactable HERC characters.
  • He is mentioned in the TLS:DZ Story Timeline as having discovered that survivors have a resistance to the zombie infection, likely from the blood samples retrieved for him by the player in the aforementioned quest in The Last Stand: Union City.
  • His surname, "Best," may be a reference to Charles Best, who worked with Dr. Frederick Banting to discover insulin.
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