For the 2015 Thanksgiving version, see Prosperous Pilgrim's Hat.
Tlsdz pilgrim hat item

Tlsdz putrid pilgrim's hat
2014 Thanksgiving version

Pilgrim's Hat

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


+1% Health



The Pilgrim's Hat is a type of clothing featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is only available during the Thanksgiving event. It consists of a hat that Puritans were commonly depicted wearing.


Thankful headwear for the discerning puritan.

Putrid variantEdit

Slightly soiled headwear for the discerning puritan.


The capotain is the proper name of the hats wore by Puritans that arrived to the New World and settled in Plymouth in 1620. It is usually a tall-crowned, narrow-brimmed, slightly conical, pointy hat, usually black used in England and northwest Europe.

Found in costume shops.


In addition to altering a survivor's appearance, it also provides a 1% boost to health.

How to obtainEdit

It can be found scavenging in the Dead Zone. A "Putrid" version was introduced in the Thanksgiving 15,000 and 7,000 Fuel packages in 2014.

Recycling productsEdit

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