Protection is a service available in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Protection for your compound. Stops attacks from rival compounds.


Protection will prevent rival compounds from raiding the player's compound. The protection will end when the timer expires or when the player raids another compound.

How to obtainEdit

When players first enter the Dead Zone, they will receive several days of protection in order to allow them to get used to their new surroundings. Players will also receive protection if their compound has been raided often,[n 1] unless it was raided by someone with the same IP address.

There is a cooldown period of 4 hours per attack should the player engage in a raid, preventing them from purchasing protection. This stacks to a maximum of 24 hours should subsequent raids be carried out.

Protection can also be purchased from The Store:

  • 24 Hours Protection: 50 Fuel, 3 Day cooldown
  • 3 Days Protection: 150 Fuel (currently 99 Fuel after 33% discount), 9 Day cooldown
  • 7 Days Protection: 300 Fuel, 21 Day cooldown
  • 28 Days Protection: 500 Fuel, 56 Day cooldown


  • Players can also obtain an indefinite form of protection by equipping the White Flag book, which will also prevent them from being raided, but will consequently prevent them from raiding others unless the book is unequipped.


  1. The game developers have declined to clarify the details, leaving them intentionally vague in order to avoid exploitation of the system.


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