Pyrotechnics Annual
Pyrotechnics Annual

+5 to Explosives


0.5 lbs

Pyrotechnics Annual is a skill book featured in the alpha versions of The Last Stand: Union City. It increases the Explosives skill.


'We know you like the kaboom.'


At every fireworks display, there are two kinds of people: those who watch the explosions, and those who make the magic happen. The latter group are often viewed as a strange bunch in society, known for juggling lit torches and breathing like dragons, but their fearlessness and their passion for what they do is undeniable. For this special, shining group that must clearly be distinguished from the rest, a special magazine is printed every year for them, filled with the latest in pyrotechnic news and advancements. "We know you love the flames."

Frequently removed from magazine racks at public places by public safety officials for being "too unsafe", most copies are now distributed electronically.


  • The book only appears in the alpha versions of the game, and cannot be found in the final game regardless of how high the searching or luck skills are.
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