Not to be confused with the weapon condition.

Item Quality in The Last Stand: Dead Zone is determined by the attachments and conditions present on the item. These are listed in Weapon Attachments and Conditions for weapons and their specific item page (e.g. First Aid Kit, Gloves, etc.) for Gear. The quality levels from worst to best are:

  • Poor: These items typically only have negative conditions.
  • Common: These items are neither positive nor negative and typically have no conditions.
  • Common: These items typically have one minor positive condition.
  • Good: These items typically have one major or two minor positive conditions.
  • Superior: These items have one major and one minor positive condition.
    • Chainsaws are able to be Superior with only the Quality weapon condition.
  • Rare: These items have special names and bonuses. Some Elite items are better than Rare items, but many Rare items are better than Elite items.
  • Elite: These items have two major positive conditions.
  • Infamous: These crafted exclusive items have special names and big bonuses.
  • Unique: These items have unique names and bigger bonuses.
  • Premium: These items can only be acquired via The Store or supply boxes. Some clothing, however, may also be found through scavenging and as a possible reward for completing Infected Bounties, with the latter possibly awarding Premium Weapons as well.

The following image explains how Unique weapons are generated.[1]


The penalty for finding consecutive Rares and Uniques resets at around 00:00 UTC.[2]

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