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Quests are a feature in The Last Stand: Union City. These include both various sidequests and quests pertaining to the main storyline. Quests give rewards, typically an amount of XP and occasionally items, upon completion. The player's current quests are tracked in the Journal.

List of QuestsEdit

Storyline QuestsEdit

Find Bethany/Matthew.

Breaking ThroughEdit

  • Acquisition: Start game - Pinedale
  • Description: Something terrible is happening. I need to get to my apartment in Brookvale and find my wife/husband, Bethany/Matthew.
  • Objectives: Find a way into Brookvale
  • Rewards: 200 XP
  • Walkthrough: After you receive control of your character, keep moving right until the very end, where you will meet Ed. Talking to him will grant you the next quest. Keep following that chain of quests to unlock Brookvale. Once you arrive there, this quest will be completed.

Talk to RayEdit

  • Acquisition: Talk to Ed - Pinedale
  • Description: Ed is trying to get through the fence, it's the only way into the Brookvale and my apartment. He needs Bolt Cutters to cut his way in. He said Ray at Number 12 has some.
  • Objectives: Ask about Bolt Cutters
  • Rewards: 50 XP
  • Walkthrough: Head left until you see a house with a number 12 on it. Enter it and head upstairs. Talk to Ray to complete this quest and get the next one.

Return to EdEdit

  • Acquisition: Complete Talk to Ray - Pinedale
  • Description: Ray says that he returned Ed's Boltcutters. I should go and tell Ed he must have them.
  • Objectives: Talk to Ed again
  • Rewards: 50 XP
  • Walkthrough: Exit the house and head back to Ed. Talk to him to complete this quest and get the next one.

Find Bolt CuttersEdit

  • Acquisition: Complete Return to Ed - Pinedale
  • Description: Ed gave me the key to his garage at Number 14. The Bolt Cutters should be in there somewhere.
  • Objectives: 0/1 - Bolt Cutters
  • Rewards:
  • Walkthrough: Head left until you see a house with the number 14 on it and enter it. There's a locked door to the right in the first room. Unlock it with the key Ed gave you and grab the Bolt Cutters from the right-most container. Head back to Ed and talk to him to complete this quest.

Get HomeEdit

  • Acquisition: Complete Breaking Through - Brookvale
  • Description: The apartment is a(t) the end of the block in Brookvale. God I hope my wife/husband is OK.
  • Objectives: Go to your apartment
  • Rewards: 300 XP
  • Walkthrough: You will receive this quest once you arrive in Brookvale. Keep heading right until you see a large white building with "Brookvale Heights" on the front. Enter it and head right and then upstairs to complete this quest and receive the next one.


  • Acquisition: Complete Get Home - Brookvale
  • Description: Beth/Matt isn't here, I need to find out where he/she's gone.
  • Objectives: Find out where Beth/Matt went
  • Rewards: 50 XP
  • Walkthrough: On the far left of the room you're in after completing Get Home is a note written in blue by the spouse. Read it to complete this quest.



  • Acquisition: Complete Hospital - Canal Park
  • Description: This hospital was where Bethany/Matthew said she'd/he'd be.
  • Objectives: Find Bethany/Matthew in the hospital
  • Rewards: 100 XP
  • Walkthrough: Enter the hospital and move right to the stairs. Go up and fight your way left. There will be a door to the stairs and an elevator that leads down. Take the stairs and keep fighting your way right. At the far right of the floor there will be two stairs: the one on the left leads downstairs, and the one on the right heads upstairs to your destination. Be careful not to go down the left stairs. Go up the right stairs and go left until you reach a safehouse. Talk to Shenice Johnson to complete the quest.

Get to StadiumEdit

  • Acquisition: Complete Searching - Canal Park
  • Description: One of the nurses said that they might've moved people to the Stadium, including Bethany/Matthew. Travel through Newtown and Uptown to get there.
  • Objectives: Work your way to Stadium
  • Rewards: 1000 XP
  • Walkthrough: Leave the hospital, retracing your steps from above, and work your way through Newtown and Uptown. Once you reach the Stadium, simply walk past the barricades to complete the quest.


  • Acquisition: Complete Get to Stadium - Stadium
  • Description: The soldier at the gate told you to report to the registration officer at Stadium. Perhaps they have information on where Bethany/Matthew is.
  • Objectives: Check inside the Stadium
  • Rewards: 100 XP
  • Walkthrough: At the Stadium gates, enter the building and through the door on the right. Check the two notes behind the registration officer to complete the quest (Talking to the officer is optional).


  • Acquisition: Complete Registration - Stadium
  • Description: The list says Bethany/Matthew was relocated, find out where they sent her/him.
  • Objectives: Find out what happened to Bethany/Matthew
  • Rewards: 100 XP
  • Walkthrough: Exit out to the field and head right until you reach an empty cot and a bag.


  • Acquisition: Complete Relocated - Stadium
  • Description: Find someone in the Stadium grounds that knows what happened to Bethany/Matthew.
  • Objectives: Find out what happened to Bethany/Matthew
  • Rewards: 100 XP
  • Walkthrough: Continue going right from the spouse's bag until you meet Barry. Talk to him.

Maintennance [sic] RoomEdit

  • Acquisition: Talk to Barry at the Stadium
  • Description: Barry asked you to meet him in the maintennance [sic] room behind the mens room at the Stadium.
  • Objectives: Talk to Barry in the maintenance room
  • Rewards: 250 XP
  • Walkthrough: Head left until you reach another exit. There will be two restroom doors - go to the men's room. There will be a door at the right.

Talk to BarryEdit

  • Acquisition: Complete Maintennance [sic] Room - Stadium
  • Description: Talk to Barry to find out what the plan is.
  • Objectives: Talk to Barry in the maintenance room.
  • Rewards: 250 XP
  • Walkthrough: Talk to Barry to complete the task.

Conspiracy TheoryEdit

  • Acquisition: Complete Talk to Barry - Stadium
  • Description: Barry wants you to find out what the Homeland Environmental Risk Control (HERC) is up to at the Stadium.
  • Objectives: Investigate HERC command post
  • Rewards: 1,000 XP
  • Walkthrough: Before proceeding, make sure you've spoken to Barry twice. There will be a door on the right, which will lead to the Stadium's service tunnels. Go right to the next tunnel, then the immediate door on the left. Go right and climb up the hatch, then go right. This is the HERC command post. Go right and kill the HERC doctor there, then check the note on the desk (It will be illuminated by a desk lamp at night). Examine it to complete the quest.

Theory ProvenEdit

  • Acquisition: Complete Conspiracy Theory - Stadium
  • Description: You have information that says that the relocations are to Union Park in Uptown, go and tell Barry.
  • Objectives: Return to Barry with the info
  • Rewards: 500 XP
  • Walkthrough: Simply retrace your steps above and talk to Barry.

Another CastleEdit

  • Acquisition: Complete Theory Proven - Stadium
  • Description: All evidence points to Bethany/Matthew being at Union Park in Uptown. Go and meet Barry there!
  • Objectives: Go to the park in Uptown
  • Rewards: 500 XP
  • Walkthrough: Once you've completed Theory Proven, head past the door to the HERC Command Post, which will lead to another tunnel. Enter the second door on the far right. Enter the room, then unlock the trapdoor on the floor. Then, go down it and head right until you reach the exit. Go to Uptown, then head to the Harrison & Harrison Broking building next to the HERC Outpost's gate. Once there, talk to Barry and then head inside and keep going right until you reach the safehouse. Once there, talk to Barry again to complete this quest and begin the next one.

Break OutEdit

  • Acquisition: Find Barry at the Harrison & Harrison Broking safehouse.
  • Description: Use the key to break into the HERC compound at Union Park and find Bethany/Matthew.
  • Objectives: Find Bethany/Matthew in Union Park
  • Rewards: 750 XP
  • Walkthrough: Barry will give you the key to the trapdoor on the far left of the safehouse. Go through there and advance through the sewers until you reach another ladder heading up. Make sure you bring a decent firearm, equip it, and go up into the HERC Outpost. Head left and kill the four troopers on guard. Enter the tent on the second screen. Your spouse will be in the holding cell - talk to him/her to complete the quest.


  • Acquisition: Find your spouse at Union Park.
  • Description: Use the key to break into the HERC compound at Union Park and find Bethany/Matthew
  • Objectives: 0/1 - Key to HERC cell
  • Rewards: 750 XP
  • Walkthrough: Simply head right and take the key off the rack at the right of the tent. Go back to your spouse and talk to him/her again.


  • Acquisition: Exit the building your spouse was locked in WITH your spouse.
  • Description: Go to the Docks and find a boat
  • Objectives: Find a boat to escape
  • Rewards: 1,250 XP
  • Walkthrough: Go back through the outpost, through the sewers, and out via the safehouse. Head to the Docks, then advance right until you reach the safehouse. Jack from The Last Stand and The Last Stand 2, along with his companions he found along the way, should be in there. Approach Jack to complete the quest.

Military BaseEdit

Explosive ComponentsEdit

  • Acquisition: Complete Military Base - Waterside
  • Description: We're going to need blocks of C4, blasting caps and a timer.
  • Objectives:
    • 0/3 - C4 Block
    • 0/3 - C4 Blasting Cap
    • 0/1 - C4 Timer
  • Rewards:
  • Walkthrough: Enter the military base. There will be three buildings inside. The building on the right contains 2 C4 Blasting Caps, located in a footlocker at the very back. The building in the middle contains a C4 Timer located in a footlocker upstairs. The 3 C4 Blocks can be found in the left building, in the gun cage upstairs. The remaining C4 blasting cap is in the footlocker on the right. Once all the items have been collected, return to Jack's safehouse.

Tear It DownEdit

  • Acquisition: Talk to Jack after completing Explosive Components - Docks
  • Description: Go to the wall with Jack and prepare for the final assault.
  • Objectives: Go to the wall
  • Rewards: 500 XP
  • Walkthrough: After bringing the explosives to Jack, talk to him again and head to the wall blocking the bridge to Union Island. They will set the explosives and blow the wall up. Head past the wall to Union Island. A massive zombie horde will follow you through shortly. Keep running and running until you reach two HERC troopers armed with XM8s. Destroy them first, then advance until you reach a set of stairs (It looks like a subway exit). Jack and Dana will be there, whilst Jane and Shawn perished earlier. Dana will hold off the horde, so simply run right to the boat to complete the game.


Help KellyEdit

  • Acquisition: Talk to Kelly - Brookvale
  • Description: Kelly, the store clerk at Stan's General Foods in Brookvale has lost her glasses, she can't go anywhere without them. She said she dropped them on the floor.
  • Objectives: 0/1 - Kelly's Glasses
  • Rewards:
  • Walkthrough: Once you receive this quest, leave the storage room and look around the floor near the door to the storage room for Kelly's Glasses (video guide). Once you find it, grab it and head back to Kelly. Talk to her to finish this quest.

Heavy, ManEdit

Something SpikeyEdit

Keeping It QuietEdit

Find Hank's Dad's RifleEdit

  • Acquisition: Talk to Hank at United Arms.
  • Description: Hank the gun shop owner needs me to find his rifle and bolt group for it. They're in his apartment, number 202, down the street from his Canal Park shop. He gave his neighbours [sic] key to get in.
  • Objectives:
    • 0/1 - Hank's Rifle
    • 0/1 - Hank's Rifle Bolt
  • Rewards: Hank will become your companion
  • Walkthrough: After exiting Hank's looted gun store, head right to Glendale Apartments. Go up the stairs, then go to the right of the corridor and go up those stairs, then left until you reach apartment 201. Use Hank's neighbor's key to unlock the door, and head right until you reach Hank's apartment. The Rifle and Bolt is in the gun cabinet on the right. Bring these back to Hank and he will become your companion.

Security FailureEdit

  • Acquisition: Talk to Todd at Union Security.
  • Description:
    • Part 1: Union Security staff are stuck at their offices in Newtown. They need the weapons from their gun cage, an employee named Richards stole the key and headed to Uptown. Find the key and return to Union Security.
    • Part 2: Get the key off Richards' body and return to Union Security in Newtown to open the gun cage.
  • Objectives:
  • Rewards:
    • Part 1: 250 XP
    • Part 2: 500 XP and the various weapons that can be found in the gun cage
  • Walkthrough: This quest is divided into two parts. To complete the first part, enter Penhock Station and keep walking right, but don't board the train yet. At the end of the subway platform, you will be able to see Richards' dead body. Search his body for the key. To complete the second part, go back to Union Security and open the gun cage. Enter it to complete the quest.

Survival Kit (Premium Add-On) Edit

The MechanicEdit

  • Acquisition: Talk to Jeb - Whistler's Forest
  • Description: Jeb, Paul and their 'friends' are stranded with their van not working. They need gas and parts to get it running again.
  • Objectives:
    • 0/3 Gallons of Gas
    • 0/1 Socket
    • 0/1 Fan Belt
  • Rewards:
  • Walkthrough: The quest items can be found in the last two houses in Whistler's Forest. Once you've collected them, return to Paul and Jeb, but stay close to them, since the two will start firing at you. They are armed with a Death Adder .45 and an Ambrose Shotgun, respectively. Once they've been dealt with, talk to Clarence and Fern to receive the reward.

Into The WildsEdit

  • Acquisition: Talk to Lisa Granger - Whistler's Forest
  • Description: Directions to the cabin: go left, up, turn right at the pond. Go past the old fence and take the path up. Go left and take the second path, look for the can on a stick.
  • Objectives: Find Terry Granger
  • Rewards:
  • Walkthrough: Navigating through the forest is very tricky, and it's easy to get lost in no time.

Here's how to get to the cabin where Terry is hiding out:

  1. Go left until you find the first path that goes up.
  2. Keep walking left until you find a pond, go right of that pond.
  3. Go right and enter the first path you find, go right and pass the old fence. Go to the right of the fence.
  4. Go left and enter the second path. Keep walking left until you find a stick with a can on it.
  5. Go this way, go left and you'll find the house where Terry is. Talk to him to complete the quest.

To exit the forest, use the map below to find the way out, as there is no defined path for exiting.

Whistler's Forest Nature Reserve map

Blood SamplesEdit