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The Raid on Union Island is a special PvE[n 1] mode featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Reports from fellow survivors confirm that HERC have returned to the DEAD ZONE. Using the ruins of Union Island, HERC are establishing a new base of operations. Strike now and take what you can from them!


It is only available to Level 50+ players, and is indicated by a special symbol located at Union Island. Once initiated, there is no time limit on completion, but any assigned survivors will remain locked there unless they are downed during the raid.[1] Ammunition will only be consumed when beginning the first location; beginning subsequent locations will not consume additional ammunition.[2]



In order to complete the whole raid, the player must successfully complete three locations: Bridge (Level 51), Monument (Level 53), and Compound (Level 55). Each location has its own selection of maps, and maps are randomly selected every time the raid is attempted. After successfully completing a location, everything looted from that location will be available immediately at the player's compound.

The player may choose to begin the next location at any time. However, any injuries the assigned survivors have sustained cannot be healed and their equipment cannot be changed. Incapacitated survivors are sent home immediately and will not participate in the remaining locations, nor can replacement survivors be brought in.

There are destructible structures present in each map, ranging from optional objectives to doors blocking off certain areas. Melee weapons and explosives are more effective against them than firearms. Infected can attack doors blocking their path.


The main objective in every location is the same: Reach the exit zone within 10 minutes. At least one survivor must be in the exit zone when the timer expires; the raid will fail if there are no survivors in the exit zone, regardless of how many enemies were killed or how many containers were scavenged.

If enough raid points are earned, the player may receive a special "Raid Haul." There will also be an optional side objective in each location. Completing them will provide the player with more points, increasing the chances of the player receiving better items in their Raid Haul.

If the raid fails, everything looted from the location the raid failed in will be lost and no Raid Haul will be awarded, though items from previous locations will remain. If the raid is aborted, all items already scavenged will remain, but the Raid Haul will not be awarded. If all three locations are successfully completed, all survivors and loot will be available at the player's compound immediately. In all of the above, the raid will be placed on a 23-hour cooldown.

The side objectives are:

  • Destroy 3 Beacons.
  • Destroy 3 Power Generators.
  • Disable 3 Communications Hubs. (Done by scavenging them)
  • Search 3 HERC Humvees.
  • Find 4 or 3 HERC Intel. (Depending if zombie or HERC enemies)


Two types of enemies may be spawned during the raid. Only one type will appear per location; both types will not spawn simultaneously.


A set amount of HERC soldiers will be deployed throughout the map. Most of them will be hidden behind cover, but a few will be stationed in towers and Humvees, the former of which cannot be destroyed. They will not move and are generally equipped with AK-105s, HERC-S3s, VS-121s, MSR-82s, RPK-12s, MP7s or miniguns. Both survivors and HERC soldiers can be affected by suppression.

Maps that spawn HERC soldiers have fewer lootable containers, but have more objects that can be used for cover, as well as more destructible structures. HERC Mines will also be planted across the map, which are difficult to disarm. Soldiers will not respawn when killed.


Maps that spawn zombies function similarly to normal missions. They will contain more lootable containers and generally do not have HERC Mines, although some may occasionally be present. Zombies of all shapes and sizes may spawn, and more will be spawned when existing infected are killed.



  • Try to bring one of each survivor class in the team. Each of them has useful abilities.
    • A Medic to provide healing. Taking damage is practically inevitable, especially against HERC.
    • A Fighter to provide a durable and hard hitting distraction.
    • A Recon to spot HERC Mines from further away.
    • An Engineer to disarm HERC Mines more easily.
      • Alternatively, a Fighter and/or Leader wielding Armor with high Explosive Resistance can run ahead to deliberately trigger mines without suffering serious damage.
    • A Scavenger to rapidly scavenge containers. Even with the increased time limit, speed is of the essence.
    • The Leader can substitute for one of the above, depending on their stats.
  • Make sure all chosen survivors are properly equipped and in top condition before starting the raid, as these cannot be changed once it has begun.
  • Make sure to give each survivor good gear, as it cannot be changed once the raid begins.
  • Try to bring at least one melee weapon for dealing with destructible objects. Explosives are limited and have other uses, while even the strongest firearms tend to take a while to destroy objects.
  • Automatic weapons are highly recommended, as they're effective at both mowing down infected and suppressing HERC soldiers.
  • Try to bring at least one long rifle with the longest effective range available to deal with HERC soldiers. It can engage from beyond their effective range, making their return fire inaccurate. It can also counter HERC's own snipers.
  • High Explosive Resistance is highly recommended for the survivor tasked with disarming/triggering HERC Mines, in case the disarm fails or is interrupted.
  • High Projectile Resistance for all survivors is recommended, as HERC has highly damaging ranged weaponry.


  • Advance cautiously while keeping an eye out for HERC Mines.
  • Disarm any uncovered mines if feasible, in case there is a need to advance or withdraw through that area later.
  • Eliminate any discovered HERC soldiers before doing anything else, especially disarming mines.
  • Always move into cover before engaging.
  • Focus on suppressing them to avoid taking too much return fire. Automatic weapons work best for this, but any ranged weapon will do.
  • Try to engage them from as far away as possible, as their accuracy drops outside of their effective range.
  • HERC soldiers will automatically start shooting back if engaged, even if beyond their effective range.
  • Remember that cover is directional, and that flanking or being flanked negates its effectiveness.
  • Check for watchtowers or high platforms for snipers.
  • Melee weapons ignore cover and rarely miss, but make sure the target and any HERC soldier that can cover them are suppressed beforehand.


  • Basically a mission with more time, containers, ground to cover and zombies.
  • If a rush happens, group up all available survivors together to maximize firepower.
  • HERC Mines are rare, but keep an eye out just in case.
  • Eliminate zombies before attempting to disarm a HERC Mine, they may interrupt the disarming survivor.
  • Zombies will not trigger HERC Mines, regardless of whether the mine has been spotted by the survivors or not.
  • Protect the scavenger at all costs.

Raid Haul[]

The Raid Haul is only awarded to players who have earned at least 50 raid points and have successfully completed all three locations. Points are earned by successfully bringing survivors to the exit zones (10 points per survivor) and completing the optional side objectives (50 points per completed objective), meaning that a maximum of 100 points can be earned per location, and a maximum of 300 points for the entire raid.

After the raid is complete, players can claim their prize by accessing the Raid page again and clicking the "Collect Reward" button. The quality of the haul increases depending on the amount of raid points the player earns:

  • 50-149 points: Contains 3 random items. One of them is guaranteed to be Elite weapon or gear.
  • 150-299 points: Contains 3 random items. One of them is guaranteed to be Rare weapon or gear.
  • 300 points: Contains 3 random items. One of them is guaranteed to be Unique weapon or gear.
    • After the Spring Cleaning update, the Unique Raid Hauls only contain level 51 equipment.
    • After the Terror Dome update, less valuable equipment have been found.


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