Raider compound map
Raider Compound

The Last Stand: Dead Zone

Level calculation

Area + 3

The Raider Compound is a location that can be searched in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


BEWARE! A camp of human raiders.


The lawlessness of the zombie apocalypse allowed raiders — survivors who will ruthlessly attack others — to flourish in certain places, like Union City. From simple theft, murder, or general harassment, raiders are loose groups of violent, wandering thieves that range from civilians desperate for supplies to former military members who feel entitled to take what they want thanks to their status and superior firepower. While not as close and organized as regular survivors, they have one thing in common: survival, no matter the cost. They may outnumber and outgun you, so use discretion and pick battles against them wisely.

Possible findsEdit

Level calculationEdit

The level of a Raider Compound is always 3 levels higher than the area it is in.


Raider compounds are similar to normal player compounds, such as the ones used during compound raids, but are controlled entirely by an AI. They have the same supplies as any other compound, but with a pre-built defense layout and a certain number of armed survivors. The weapons and defense layout depends on the area the raider compound is located, so a high level compound will have better defenses, armored survivors and high-grade weapons. Unlike player compounds, items such as weapons and gear can be found, and footlockers — which cannot be placed in a survivor compound — can also be searched. In addition, players cannot choose their starting position on the map.

Traps are present, so recons are necessary, as well as an engineer to disarm them. Survivors with rifles and assault rifles are recommended for suppressing the defenders on the map. A survivor with a powerful melee weapon or a decent shotgun may also be brought along to take down defensive structures.


  • Players cannot run automatic missions in this location.
  • Raider compounds first start appearing in Level 9+ districts.


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