A rally flag.

The Rally Flag is a type of security building featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

Description[edit | edit source]

Allows you to assign survivors to defensive positions when your compound is under attack.

Details[edit | edit source]

Rally flags provide a quick and easy method of providing assignable defensive positions for survivors. Up to three survivors can be assigned to each flag, and they will spawn around the flag should the compound come under attack. However, they will not be offered any cover, making rally flags impractical when facing raiders armed with ranged weapons. Survivors who are not assigned to a flag or defensive building will spawn randomly when an attack commences. Unlike other security buildings, it does not increase the compound's security rating. This structure cannot be upgraded.

The construction of this building does not require any resources. Therefore, this building can be used to complete the Dismantler achievement with ease, as there is no loss of resources involved.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

  • Indoor and outdoor placement.
  • Cannot be scavenged from during raids.
  • Occupies area of 1 square.
  • 3 Rally Flag assignable defensive positions.
  • Does not provide Cover.
  • Cannot be dismantled if only one is present.

Upgrade levels[edit | edit source]

Upgrade Level Requirements Effect
Level 1 Resources:
Can be built immediately for 1 Fuel
5 Seconds
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