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Rare items are a type of item featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. They are rarer and typically more effective than Superior and Elite items, but less so than Unique items.


Heavily customized variants of existing equipment, these items can be rather difficult to find in the Dead Zone. Those survivors fortunate enough to obtain one or even several will have a much better chance against any zombies and/or raiders they might encounter.

Rare items can be scavenged during missions in the Dead Zone, or found in various supply boxes. Additionally, earning 150+ points in the Raid on Union Island guarantees one as part of the Raid Haul. The background color for Rare equipment is a blue-gray colored bounding box with a blue and red grunge design behind the weapon. It also features light blue lettering over a darker blue banner in the name display.

As they are randomly generated, Rare items may share the same name despite having a different base item and stats.

Possible namesEdit


Item Type 1st Part 2nd Part
All Miss., Ms., Mr., The
Assault Rifle (including FAL and PDW-R) Bodyguard's, Enforcer's, Guard's, Infantry's, Infantryman's, Marine's, Mercenary's, Militant's, Ranger's, Recruit's, Serviceman's, Sheriff's, Soldier's, Soldiers, Tactician's, Trooper's, Veteran's, Warrior's AR, Assaulter, Assault Rifle, Auto, Automatic, Brother, Bullet Hose, Chopper, Dead Stop, Firearm, Hardware, Hose, Issue, Machine Gun, MG, Ordnance, Preference, Rattlesnake, Rifle, Ripper, Round Dispenser, Rush, Standard Issue, Typewriter, Zipper
Blade Aggressor's, Backyard, Bladesmith's, Cutter's, Dueler's, Edged, Fighter's, Goon's, Hoodlum's, Medic's, Mugger's, Outdoorsman's, Prepper's, Prison, Sheathed, Soldier's, Street Rat's, Street Thug's, Thug's, Vagrant's Blade, Bleeder, Boot Blade, Brand, Edge, Grip, Holemaker, Persuader, Razor, Ripper, Shank, Sharp, Shaver, Shiv, Slicer, Spine, Sticker, Straight Edge, Straight Razor, Stump Maker, Tickler, Toothpick
Blunt Assaulter's, Batter's, Big Guy's, Big Man's, Brawler's, Bruiser's, Buster's, Clubber's, Engineer's, Everyman's, Goon's, Head, Large Man's, Mafioso's, Slugger's, Tank, Thumper's, Worker's Batter, Big Stick, Blackjack, Bludgeon, Clubber, Concusser, Drubber, Drudge, Flog, Head Crusher, Pulverizer, Sap, Slugger, Stomper, Stumper, Swatter, Thumper, Thwacker, Truncheon
Bows Hunter's, Old Man's, Survivalist's Arrow, Bow, Flight, Stalker
Light Machine Gun Fire Team's, Guard's, Gun Crew's, Gunny's, Infantryman's, Marine's, Mercenary's, Militant's, Sarge's, Soldier's, Specialist's, Trooper's, Warrior's Big Boy, Big Brother, Bone Rattler, Buzzsaw, Disturber, Fire Hose, Fire Support, Fire Team, Machine Gun, Pig, Public Disturbance, Squad Automatic, Squad Gun, Squad Sweeper, Street Cleaner, Support, Support Gun
Long Rifle (except for FAL) Assassin's, Bandit's, Big Buck, Big Game, Buck, Deer, Deer Hunter's, Elephant, Game, Gunman's, Hitman's, Hunter's, Marksman's, Paratrooper's, Recon's, Scout's, Seeker's, Sharpshooter's, Sniper's, Woodsman's Approacher, Arm, Contacter, Distance Closer, Distributor, Dropper, Extension, Grasper, Gunner, Head Hunter, Head Seeker, Head Tracker, Hunter, Litigator, Long Range, Long View, Model, Muzzle, Preference, Problem Solver, Reacher, Shooter, Solution, Stopper, Telescope, Thinner, Viewer, Widowmaker
Melee/Axes Brother's, Conk, Father's, Fireman's, Frontier Man's, Grandad's, Grandpa's, Ladderman's, Old Man's, Outdoorsman's, Pop's, Smoke Jumper's, The Old, Woodsman's Ax, Chopper, Divider, Head Cleaver, Head Divider, Head Hacker, Head Lopper, Head Shearer, Head Splitter, Lopper, Sever, Shearer, Splitter, Trunk Divider, Trunk Shearer, Wood Chopper
Pistol Baby, Backpocket, Bandit's, Bantam, Bouncer's, Concealed, Deputy's, Diminutive, Enforcer's, Goon's, Holstered, Law Man's, Little, Miniature, Minute, Modest, Muscle's, Nasty, Patrolman's, Pee-wee, Petite, Pocket, Pocket Sized, Ranger's, Recruit's, Rookie's, Rent-a-cop's, Rookie's, Sarge's, Security Guard's, Sheriff's, Snap, Teensy, Thug's, Trooper's Backup, Back Up, Bringer, Burner, Cap Gun, Clap-Clap, Gat, Hand, Handcannon, Heat, Heater, Inhibitor, Iron, Lawmaker, Little Shot, Maker, Minion, Pea Shooter, Persuader, Piccolo, Piece, Pistola, Shot, Shooter, Sidearm, Side Gun, Smoker, Special, Stopper, Straight Shooter, Ricochet, Walker, Weasel
Shotguns Alabama, Bandit's, Big Red's, Deputy's, Duck Hunter's, Enforcer's, Engineer's, Georgian, Grandma's, Grandpa's, Kentucky, Louisiana, Louissiana, Mississippi, Ol', Old Boy's, Patrolman's, Prepper's, Ranger's, Sarge's, Shot, Southern, State Trooper's, Street Thug's, Street Tough's, Tennessee, Texas, Trooper's Barrage, Blaster, Bluster, Bombardment, Boomstick, Broadside, Buster, Cannonade, Compensator, Deluge, Door Opener, Hog, Hog-Leg, Hose, Ignition, Rainmaker, Rupture, Salvo, Sheller, Shot Dispenser, Shotty, Shower, Side Gun, Spreader, Squall, Storm, Thunderstick, Torrent, Volley
Submachine Gun (except PDW-R) Infantryman's, Instructor's, Law Enforcer's, Law Man's, Medic's, Mercenary's, Militant's, Pilot's, Ranger's, Recruit's, Rookie's, Sarge's, Scavenger's, Tactician's, Trooper's Burster, Burst Fire, Cleaner, Close Quarters, Defence, Defense, Greaser, Handshake, Hip Shot, Machine Pistol, PDW, Room Clearer, Sidekick, SMG, Sub, Subby, Sub Machine Gun, Sweeper, Up Close
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Item Type 1st Part 2nd Part
All Miss., The
All Vests Big Man's Cover, Endurance, Front, Gear, Intervention, Kutte, Obstructor, Outfit, Protection, Stop-gap, Turtleshell, Vest, Vitality
Ammunition Pouch Lawman's Hip Bag
Body Armor
Combat Vest Bashers's, Brawler's, Bodyguard's, Fighter's, Street Thug's, Thug's, Tough Guy's, Warrior's Fight Gear, Fight Starter, Fight Vest, Kutte, Melee, Gear
Full Body Armor Military Man's Interceptor
Medical Vest Caretaker's, Combat Medic's, Field Medic's, GP's, Healer's, Medic's, Medico's, Nurse's, Practitioner's Cover, Obstructor, Safety, Utility Vest
Military Armor
Recon Vest Hood's, Lieutenant's, Manhunter's, Recon's, Runner's, Scout's, Sprinter's Engineering Vest, Equalizer, Gap Filler, Reconnaissance, Recon Vest
Scavenger Vest Examiner's, Forager's, Gatherer's, Look Out's, Picker's, Scavenger's, Searcher's, Vulture's Angel, Guardian, Pockets, Protector, Shielder, Protection
Shooting Vest Baron's, Big Game Hunter's, Competition Shooter's, Duck Hunter's, Farmer's, Gentleman's, Hunter's, Shooter's, Sportsman's Aim Aid, Kutte, Shooting Platform, Shoulder Stopper, Steadying Vest
Tactical Vest Officer's, Operative's, Ranger's, Reloader's, Sarge's, Serviceman's, Specialist's, Spec Ops Backup, Mag Carrier, Protector, Quick Loader, Rapid Response, Safety
Vest Deputy's, Defender's, Enduring, Enforcer's, Guard's, Guardian's, Marine's, Professional's, Protector's, Scout's, SEAL's Armadillo, Back, Guard, Interceptor, Plate, Safeguard, Turtleshell, Ward
Gloves Examiner's, Forager's, Guard's, Infantryman's, Mercenary's, Militant's, Recruit's, Scavenger's, Scrounger's, Searcher's, Shooter's, Thug's, Trooper's Covers, Coverings, Finger Covers, Gauntlets, Gloves, Grippers, Hand Covers, Hand Protection, Knuckle Covers, Mittens, Mitts, Protection, Sheath
Bandolier, Carrier Harness Bad Guy's, Bandito's, Infantrymen's, Heavy Metal, Infantry's, Mercenary's, Recruit's, Reloader's, Revolutionary's, Rifleman's, Shooter's Bandolier, Belt, Bullet Belt, Carrier, Cartridge Carrier, Handbag, Holder, Resupply, Shoulder Sling, Sling
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