Class Info
Weapon Specialization Assault Rifles
Long Rifles
Bonuses Highest Movement Speed
Highest Ranged Combat
Highest Trap Spotting
Penalties Low Health
Low Melee Combat
Low Improvised Combat
Special Ability Can spot traps from a distance. Unaffected by decoy traps.

The Recon is a class available for survivors in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, introduced in Info File #4.


Deadly at range and quick on their feet, survivors chosen to be Recons are trained to be some of your most efficient killers.

With a keen eye for spotting traps and decoys they're also key to raiding other compounds.


Knowledge is power in the Dead Zone, especially when it's knowledge of where an infected horde or a band of raiders are lying in wait. Information can be as useful as a good weapon, and these survivors are quite skilled at gathering it.

The second best defense is to not be hit at all, which their incredible running speed allows them to do with ease. Combined with their excellent aim, they can pick off enemies and be gone before any counterattack manifests, especially with their preferred medium-long range precision weaponry. They can also pick out traps more easily than any other survivor and can't be fooled by a Decoy.

However, they are not proficient in melee and will be incapacitated quickly if they cannot evade the enemy. They will require support from other survivors, and those survivors will in turn need the Recon's agility and sharp eyes.


Recons are the fastest of all classes and are excellent shooters. They excel at scouting areas for zombies and traps ahead of the rest of their team and at providing fire support from a distance, as well as responding quickly to any unexpected zombie assaults.

Their low health means they will not last long if they get swarmed, though this is unlikely unless the player is careless or the Recon is ambushed. Grouping them with other survivors will reduce the likelihood of this happening.

They work well with any class, who can provide protection whilst the Recon provides fire support.

Recommended EquipmentEdit


  • Long Rifles have incredible range and power, which is further enhanced by the specialization bonus to damage and accuracy, making them ideal for the fragile Recon.
  • Assault Rifles are highly versatile and effective in nearly every situation, which is further helped by the specialization bonus to damage and accuracy.


  • Glasses allow the Recon to attack from further away, reducing their chances of being wounded or incapacitated.
  • Vests counteract the Recon's fragility, reducing the chance of incapacitation.
    • The Recon subtype is exclusive to the Recon and compensates for all of their weaknesses when possessing certain conditions.
  • Shoes make them even faster, allowing them to get to and out of the action even more quickly.


  • They do not wear any body armor, which explains both their high speed and low health.
  • They carry pouches at thigh level, possibly to store ammunition or accessories, such as suppressors and scopes.
  • They are quite likely to have been military, police or competition marksmen, hunters or survivalists before the outbreak, which explains their good marksmanship, rifle and blade skills and ability to spot traps.


  • Info File #4
  • A female Recon
  • A male Recon.
  • The description of the Recon in the Training Center and Class Selection screen.
  • Mug shots of a Recon

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