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Recycling is a feature in The Last Stand: Dead Zone that allows players to convert most inventory items into resources or components.


Only items in the player's inventory can be recycled. Items can be recycled by clicking on their icon in the inventory and then selecting the green recycling icon. If the item cannot be recycled, the icon will be greyed out. If the item is recyclable, the player will be shown the recycling products they will gain should they recycle the selected item. If the player chooses to recycle the selected item, they will receive the recovered materials immediately, and the item they recycled will disappear from the inventory.

Only one item can be recycled at a time, requiring three clicks to recycle one item. This can make recycling a large quantity of materials tedious and time-consuming. The player can accelerate the recycling of materials by building a Recycler.

Certain items, such as supply boxes and many components, cannot be recycled. The only way to get rid of them is to use them (either by opening them in the case of supply boxes, or by using them for crafting in the case of components) or dispose of them.

An additional warning message alerting the player that they may not be able to obtain the item again will appear when the player attempts to recycle or dispose of special items, such as clothing, Rare, and Unique items.


Recycling can be a useful way for players to convert unwanted, useless, or obsolete items into their raw resource or component, allowing them to reuse the materials for other purposes. Recycling may also allow players to keep a portion of their resources in the form of components and junk items, which cannot be stolen during a raid and can be recycled to retrieve the materials when needed.