Red White and Blue Paint
Red, White and Blue Paint

The Last Stand: Dead Zone



The Red, White and Blue Paint is a component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is only available during the Independence Day event.


These colors don't run, because they've been manufactured with a strong bonding agent. Used to craft Freedom Week items.


Paint yourself with American pride with patriotic American paint! Splatter yourself and your equipment with the colors of American confederacy and show the world who's the greatest nation on the planet! In all the excitement, however, most painters applied their paint haphazardly, leading to unsightly, flaking colors on whatever they smeared it on. Our paint comes with the all-American Yankee Doodler Bonder™, guaranteed to allow even a child's thirty-second artwork to shine gallantly!

Sold only in American hardware stores. If it doesn't say "Made in U.S.A.", it's definitely a fake.

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Recycling productsEdit

  • Metal x 5

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