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==Obtained from==
==Obtained from==
*Packs of 5 can be crafted using:
*Packs of 5 can be [[crafting|crafted]] using 50 [[Hardened Metal]] and 1 [[Blacksmith Tools]] at a Level 5+ [[Engineering Bench]] for 10 {{DzFuel}}. Also requires a Level 55+ [[Engineer]].
**50 [[Hardened Metal]]
*Packs of 25 can be [[crafting|crafted]] using 250 [[Hardened Metal]] and 5 [[Blacksmith Tools]] at a Level 5+ [[Engineering Bench]] for 50 {{DzFuel}}. Also requires a Level 55+ [[Engineer]].
**1 [[Blacksmith Tools]]
**10 {{DzFuel}}
*Packs of 25 can be crafted using:
**250 [[Hardened Metal]]
**5 [[Blacksmith Tools]]
**50 {{DzFuel}}
{{DZ Components}}
{{DZ Components}}

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Refined Hardened Metal
Refined Hardened Metal

The Last Stand: Dead Zone



The Refined Hardened Metal is a component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It was introduced during the 2017 Operation Whiteout update.


Refined metal pieces used in crafting.


While regular hardened metal can be found in the remains of the Dead Zone or crafted with certain knowledge, it soon falls victim of tear 'n wear and the cruelty of outdoors; making it less useful for its desired purpose. With the right tools and a little practice, survivors will be able to harden steel in no time.

Recycling products

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Obtained from

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