Reindog Meat
Reindog Meat

+5 Food

The Reindog Meat is a type of food featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It was only available during the 2015 Z-Mas event.


It's just dog meat.


Whoever thought of converting man's best friend into a tasty morsel for dinner must surely be mad, but many cultures around the world do include dog meat on the menu. Ethics is one thing, but biology is another. With the arrival of a zombified Christmas, "reindogs" have been sighted, wearing antlers and red noses and possibly pulling Zombie Santa's sleigh. Is zombie meat safe for human consumption? Regardless of the answer, we can guarantee that the meat here is plain old dog meat. 99.9% guaranteed.

A rare, surprising, and sometimes illegal find in much of the Western World, uninfected dog meat can often be found in Asian markets, while infected dog meat is butchered and catered by Zombie Santa's elves.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

It provides +5 Food.


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